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Cleaning Mops

The Cleaning Mop is a mass or bundle of coarse strings or yarn, etc., or a piece of cloth, sponge or other absorbent material, attached to a pole or stick. It is used to soak up liquid, for cleaning floors and other surfaces, to mop up dust, or for other cleaning purposes. Plastic is much more light weight, and most plastic mop handles are ergonomically constructed, often with padded grips, for comfort. Mop handles are usually made of plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or wood. A sturdy Cleaning Mop handle will help with deep cleaning because it can take the pressure of hearty scrubbing without bending.

Superior Cotton Round Mop 350 Floor Mop

Gebi Plastic Round Mop comes with excellent water absorption, ensuring clean and dry spaces. The adjustable knob and high quality cotton help you clean conveniently consuming less time and energy. The sturdy handles do not strain your back making cleaning a pleasant experience.
Price: 119 INR/Piece

Cotton Round Mop

High Quality Cotton Mop. Easy for wet mopping without back strain
Price: 123.38 - 133.33 INR/Piece

Gebi Premium Microfiber Twister Mop No Touch Squeeze Unique Lock

Twist Microfiber Mop comes with multiple benefits for efficient cleaning. The Microfiber cleaning technology absorbs all the water and helps you keep the space clean and dry at all times. It offers a contactless easy squeeze feature which helps you clean easily without manually squeezing the mop after every use. The unique locking technology also makes efficient cleaning possible.
Price: 270 INR/Number

Gebi Premium Microfiber round Mop New microfiber cleaning technology

It is essential to have a comfortable mop if you do not want to strain yourself while cleaning a house or an office space. Gebi Round Microfiber Mop comes with excellent water absorption, helping you easily clean. The sturdy handles are comfortable and do not lead to back pain which is a stress free experience.
Price: 149 INR/Number

Cotton Twist Mop No Touch Squeeze Floor Mop

Gebi Dori Wonder Mop comes with a lot of advantages. It is made for convenient cleaning from the high-quality cotton used to contactless easy squeeze technology. The ease of refill and its unique locking technology make it an excellent choice for cleaning any space effectively and quickly.
Price: 285 INR/Number

Large size Dry Floor sweeber Mop Specially designed for Commercial use

Cotton Mops are known for their water absorption. Gebi 18 inch Floor Swebber Cotton Mop is known to keep the floor dry and lasts long too. The durable nature of this mop makes cleaning easy, hassle free and convenient especially with a metal handle.
Price: 329 INR/Number

Dry Floor sweeber Mop Specially designed for Commercial use

When it comes to cotton, we always think absorption. Gebi 24 inch Floor Swebber Cotton Mop keeps the floor dry and is durable too. This mop makes cleaning convenient and quick especially with a metal handle.
Price: 389 INR/Number

Superior Cotton Floor Mop

The T Mop comes with a great water absorption feature due to the cotton yarn it is made up of. It is easy to clean and refill. The premium quality cotton makes it a very efficient mop. You can use it to clean spaces at home offices and outdoors as it is durable and back friendly.
Price: 179 INR/Number

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